About Me

me10I have loved reading since I was six years old and picked up a copy of Little Lord Fauntleroy. I still vaguely remember puzzling out the first sentence. That was quite a few years ago, and I’ve been reading voraciously ever since.

Along the way, I got a BA in English (“With Great Distinction”, no less) and an MA with a focus in Literary Studies, and started writing novels and short stories myself.

Spelling mistakes and typos jump off the page for me, and words used incorrectly hurt my brain. So I took some editing courses through Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, and set out to assist other writers with telling their tales.

Next to writing myself, using my lifelong passion for Story in helping other writers shape their stories and get them ready to go out into the world is among the most rewarding work I could imagine.

I read, write, edit, and drink tea in the lovely Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada.